We are the Forgotten 25,000

British seasonal workers jobs are at risk

25,000 British Seasonal workers travel to Europe each year to work in hotels, beach resorts, campsites and ski resorts contributing to both the UK and local economies whilst also providing opportunities for British people to learn new skills and cultures to bring home with them.

Sadly, because of the EU-UK trade agreement this has made it incredibly difficult for UK companies to employ British ‘seasonaires’ meaning 25,000 are at risk. 

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Who We Are

We are a group of seasonal workers (or "seasonaires" as we like to call ourselves) trying to bring attention to the risks to employment opportunities in Europe because of the EU-UK Trade deal. ​

Every year 25,000 British seasonaires head out to the mountains, beaches and campsites of Europe to work as instructors, chalet, bar staff, musicians, maintenance and managers. The list of potential jobs is almost endless. 

​Seasons are not just an excuse for people to enjoy themselves; they provide an opportunity, particularly for young people (87% of seasonaires are 18-34 years of age) to learn life skills and build self-confidence and for the lucky few an opportunity to make a career out of it. 


​With the end of free movement, visas and work permits are set to be the future meaning potential employers will find it very risky if not impossible in some cases to employ British staff. Especially because even after the long and arduous process of recruitment the issuing of a visas is not guaranteed, meaning it will both be costly and difficult for British seasonaires to work abroad and potentially too risky for British companies to employ them. 

​We want to protect the opportunity for seasonaires to continue working in Europe. The UK government must realise the contribution that both the outbound travel industry and the seasonaires employed by it bring to the UK economy and work with our European cousins to find a solution to safeguard these opportunities for the future.

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Real seasonaires, real stories

Find out what this means for seasonal workers from real Seasonaires

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Sophie's Story

After working a couple of seasons Sophie had it all sorted and decided to make the move to France and stay in the mountains permanently before the end of the transition period. However following a family cancer diagnosis her plans changed and have caused considerably more work and expense whilst trying to figure out Visa's and work permits. 

"[Applying to work] costs a fortune, at my own expense and with a month's processing time and no guarantee of a visa at the end. "

Hollie Tate.jpeg

Hollie's Story

Hollie was a new comer to seasons however needless to say she quickly fell in love with them wanting to go onto work summer seasons out of winter. But now like many people looking for work following the pandemic she is finding her opportunities are going to be limited. 

"I have missed out massively as with COVID and passport issues combined it is going to be a difficult return to the mountains. Now I am just waiting, with no point in sight of when i’ll be back but always staying hopeful."

Mountainous Landscape by the Sea

Aly's Story 

As self described veteran seasonaires Aly and her partner decided to get French residency before the end of the tranition period to continue working in the mountains. However they have serious concerns for other seasonaires future.

"I believe most companies will probably just employ English speaking EU nationals as it will be cheaper and way less hassle."


Liam's story

After working seasons for a number of years Liam eventually worked his way up to the head office where he is a customer service manger in charge of the recruitment of 30+ seasonal staff every year. 

"Having enjoyed so many seasons myself I am heartbroken that the next generation of seasonaire will not be able to have the same experiences and chances for a wonderful career like me."

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How to help?

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Support Group

We are collecting the stories of new and returning seasonal workers finding out their prospects for the coming winter.

Write to your MP

Writing by the Water

Contact your local MP and tell them of the risk to seasonal workers like you.

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Our campaign relies on telling the stories of real seasonaires and the opportunities they are missing out on

Tell us more about your experience with trying to find seasonal employment in Europe after the EU-UK Trade agreement. 

Good or bad we want to know more and keep the conversation going. 

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