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House of Lords European Union Committee Report – Beyond Brexit: Trade in services

The House of Lords EU services committee into the impact of the EU-UK trade deal has been published and evidence submitted on behalf of the Forgotten 25,000 has been accepted and included in the report. The evidence submitted shared some of the stories we have received so far and the evidence brings attention to the perilous position of the 25,000 British seasonal worker as the effects of the EU-UK trade deals become more apparent.

Thank you to all of those who have submitted their stories to us so far. As a result of your stories we have created real change. Along with our friends at Seasonal Businesses in Travel (SBiT) the concerns for seasonal workers in the travel and tourism sector have been highlighted and noted by the House of Lords. The evidence included in the report will be used to inform further debate on these issues and has raised the profile of the risks to British seasonal workers.

The Lords EU Committee Report says;

The tourism and travel sectors expect to be particularly affected by the new mobility provisions. ABTA described the 90-day limit for short-term business travel as “quite restrictive given that most tourism postings would be between 6–9 months”. Young people seeking seasonal work experience in Europe will miss out on opportunities as a result. Seasonal Businesses in Travel (SBiT) told us that the new mobility arrangements would “result in a loss of the majority of the 25,000 UK jobs that currently are employed in UK outbound tourism to Europe”, primarily affecting young seasonal workers. In the ski industry, for example, SBiT argued that French restrictions on hiring non-EU staff make “the option of employing UK staff a non-starter for the industry”.
Beyond Brexit: trade in services - House of Lords Subservices Committe 2021

Thank you again to all of you who have submitted stories and we hope to continue sharing these stories with both the houses of commons and the lords in the hope of continuing to highlight the challenges British seasonal workers face.

To read the full report go to the House of lords website below.

Beyond Brexit: trade in services - House of Lords Subservices Committe 2021

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